Tuesday, May 8, 2012

   Ok, so I said down another pound.  So true and note EVEN trying!  Just eating better and minimal carbs!  In fact every once in a while I do enjoy a bit of "adult beverage" or a sneak of ice cream, but really not so much.    
   Thought I would make tonite "useful".  Cheese....mmmm... gotta tell ya, found some awesome Irish cheese called "Dublinger" at Sam's Club!  Yummy, just finished off a nice helping of it with some summer sausage,  will end with a grapefruit and that's my supper!  Also love Havarti, Gruere (?) and  Muenster.  Greek yogurt by "Three Greek God's "  is divine as well as the "Pure Protein" choc shakes out at Sams.  there are soooo many choices!
   Found the cookbook by Dana Carpender,  "1001 low carb recipies"  and it's fabulous dahling!  Have already tried fried cheese,  black and blue chicken and will give a dessert a whirl this weekend!
   Just spoke with a dear friend who mentioned she's started it at home as well.  Down almost 2 lbs, and really doesn't miss carbs....told ya so.....
    Blessings and protein...Tara

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