Tuesday, May 15, 2012

  Howdy,  wow, what a roller coaster!  Life has been up and down and I didn't realize how much time I was going to have to put into "thinking" about cooking differently!  No more,  "just throw a pizza in, or let's have spaghetti".  Didn't get home in time for supper tonite, family just grazed.  That's ok.   Harder and harder day by day to have a sit down dinner together! 
   It's been over a month now though and still feel great!  And it's not a question of "going back to carbs or falling off the wagon"  I truely don't even think about it.  Sweets, donuts, chocolate.  Ok, I threw a way part of a Nestle Crunch today, threw it away!!  I'm losing my mind!  But it's cool,  I watch my daughter going down, in fact she doesn't even eat all the necessary grams of protein for the day... it's a struggle for her, stomach size has shrunk and she's NOT hungry. 
   Finished my book, "Why we're fat and what to do about it."  By Gary Taubs.  Awesome!  Really helped tie it together for me! 
*** Suggestions:  Veggie straws, lower in carbs and some protein,  I call them "concrete muffins":  1/4 cup  flax seed, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 egg and 1 pkt of Splenda,  I also add 1 tsp of cocoa powder,  pur into coffe cup( I spray with light duting of Olive oil) and then microwave for 1 minute,  tip cup upside down and enjoy with butter!  Yummy!!!  4 carbs and 9 protein!  (not to mention all the goood fiber). 
   Anyway,  with that said, enjoy and blessings, Tara

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