Monday, May 7, 2012

   I'm not sure if it's the late hour or all the high fructose sugar is finally leaving my body, but I am not craving sugar AT ALL anymore!  It's bizarre, because those of you that know me, know I didn't get my "girlish" figure by eating fruits and veggies!  I used to raid the candy jar at work at least once a day if not more, eat ice cream or something sweet here at home.  I HAD to have it, and I wanted it all the time. I rarely ate meat and (ah here comes more honesty,  I hate that you know...) but told myself that I was the one who was doing well, it was my husband and daughter who just "needed to learn to eat better" .  It grieves my heart to think that I was the barricade..that I should've known better as the mom, the nurse and educated one.. 
  Now don't misunderstand me, I'd had nutrition class in college, we'd been to multiple nutritionists over the years,  I KNEW we had a problem..but thought the answer was low fat, low cholest.  I gotta tell ya, it's all a lie out there...I'm learning soooooo much and realizing that the "experts" have known for over 50 years!  50 years that it's the carbs, esp the high fructose sugar that's in everything!   Let me tell you, that's worse for us than anything.  They put sugar "in" when the package says "low fat".  Don't be decieved,   For example, I'm sitting here drinking whole milk,  that's right WHOLE milk, haven't done that since I was a child.  But the fact is, it has less carbs that skim.   They add sugar to the skim because the fat has been taken out and the flavor is all gone. 
  You couldn't have told me this a year ago let alone gotten me to try it.  I didn't want to eat meat, wasn't going to eat it.  Night after night I'd watch my fam eat meat while I'd have pasta or rice along with the veggie.  I told myself I was grossed out by the thought.  Now that doesn't mean I've changed my ideas about digging that nasty little baggie out of a chicken..noooo way, that is STILL disgusting.  But I'm eating meat, and more than once daily.  That was unheard of for me.  I'd also go for hours and not eat and then binge on whatever I'd find because my sugar was low, fingers would be a bit tingly and my nose would be cold (not one dog whistle please) ,  it was just something I knew was a warning sign.....
    Realizing that I was constantly craving carbs, sweets, FOOD! Because I wasn't satisfied, wasn't getting the right nutrition and just didn't know it.  I caved on this whole idea for my daughter's sake.   I thought, if she can do it, then so can I.  I wanted to be a good example.  I caught myself the other day at work going to the candy 2 pieces (used to be 4-5) and ate strange, no "mmmmmm" taste to it, no satisfaction almost immed.  nothing.  And that was ok, I actually took the other piece, stuck it in my drawer and went for the nuts in there instead, and THEN I felt full, happy, satisfied, without the need for moooore!
  I've learned that increased insulin circulation in our system = increased fat deposits = increased weight = increased eating because I'm not satieated..... AND, that even before we start to eat carbs, we can start secreting insulin, which then prompts us to want some food, and makes us hungry.      Folks, THIS is what is elevating our cholesterol and triglycerides!  When sugar/glucose is in our bloodstream, the circulating insulin "shoves" it into the cells (as fatty acids..but that's another whoooole chemistry class) turst me on this though, and it combines with 2 other fatty acids to form a triglyceride (hence the tri...get it?)  and it stays in there because it's too big to pass thru the cell wall and come out and be used for fuel.  We've got to get the insulin circulation down so the body can use the fat for fuel, which it will do when we decrease our sugar intake.....whew, my brain is tired and believe me, there is sooo much more to this still!
    Eating  this way, healthier,  more protein, some fat, but not tons more, but few if any carbs, maybe an occasional glass of milk, but mostly from veggies and fruit is AWESOME! 
  Still feeling better, clearer thinking and full, all the time, no sweets, carbs, binges or seconds.  I'm so grateful.  oh ya and E N E R G Y!  loving this! 
   Decided I wanted to always add something about food or a meal each time I get on here to make it more that my blah blah blah.....
*****.supper tonite were chicken grillers (this is what their called at the grocery store) chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon.  (I know...quick, go for your cholesterol meds!)  no,  seriously, it's packed with 52 grams protein and 2 carbs!  I can't eat a whole one, that's another thing, my stomach has shrunk but put it on a bed of lettuce and voila!  Supper.  cool.......
  I pray you who indulge me here are well, healthy and know you are loved by God,

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